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I have a 6 month old pomchi and an 11 month old yorkie. They are potty trained to go on their puppy pad. And they also go on command. I am wanting to try to get them potty trained outside how. And I don't mind having the puppy pad too, just in case they need it if I don't get to take them out in time. I have a few questions on how to start outside training.

1. Should I take them out often in the beginning? Right now I have them go on command if they haven't gone within an hour. Should I do the same, or more often?
2. Is it ok to take them out at the same time?
3. Should I put one of their soiled pads (I use washable) outside in the spot where I want them to go, or should I just take them to the same spot and have them go on command without a pad?
4. If I wanted to do away with the puppy pad, do I totally take it away, or will that just cause them to potty in the area where it used to be? (It's on carpet on a puppy pad holder) Or should I leave it there for a while until they start going to the door?
5. Can I actually train them to only go outside after learning to go on puppy pads? Or will it be too confusing if I leave a pad down?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :)
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