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potty training at age 1??

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This is so terrible i know, im ashamed to even ask this question. My chi just turned 1 today and hes still not totally potty trained. Well he doesnt exactly jus go anywhere he wants though, Ok this is the whole story. Rocky (my chi) lives with my parents right now because they moved out of state and i lived in a dorm so i couldnt take him with me. They have made an entire room for him with plastic sheets spread all over the floor. His bed's in there, he eats in there and even poops in there. He's free to run around the house and he never goes potty anywhere else but in his room on the sheets. Now im moving into an apartment because i cant live without him any more! so im going to be moving him in with me. Im going to be living with a roommate so the hard part is now, how do i get him to go in a certain spot in a new place? I was reading about the litter box method and that seems the best for me but i dont know how to go about it. I could really use everyones advice on how i can train rocky at this age at a new place. Thanks! Also im going to be at my parents house most of the summer so if i train him to go in a litter box, will he do the same when i bring him back to my new place? Thanks so much!!
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It is not too late to train him. Several years ago, I adopted a rescue chi. She was approx. 3 yrs old when I got her, and had apparently never been housebroken. It takes time and patience, but it definitely is possible.

If you are going with the litterbox, I would start the training this summer-the sooner the better. If you have him trained to the litterbox by the time you move into your apartment, he should continue to use it there. He may be a little confused at first due to new surroundings, but he will quickly adapt.

My chi pup Jasmine was easy to train to the potty pad. I watched her very closely, and as soon as she started sniffing around, I'd put her on the pad and say "go potty". Be consistent with this and he will catch on. Reward him for good behavior, and praise profusely. Ignore accidents unless you witness them. If you do witness an accident, just pick him up quickly and put him on the litterbox. Some learn more quickly than others, so be patient. Jasmine now goes potty outside when I am available to take her out, but when I'm gone or at night, she will use her potty pad.

Others on the board may have some other suggestions, but this is what worked for me. Good luck.
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Is there specific dog litter or should she use cat litter or pee pee pad?
I tried using cat litter - Jasmine just created a big mess with it. Then I tried using the potty pads in the litter box, and that worked fine. Recently though, I just use the pads on the floor. I've never had one of the pads soak through and leak, so I just discontinued using the litterbox. One less thing to clean. :lol: I know some of the members here use the litterbox with pad inside because they say the pads have leaked, but I've not had that problem yet.

There are also available holders for the potty pads. They are available online and at some pet stores, but I've never used one. If you are going to use something under the pad, that might be a good option as the pad fits into it better than into a litter box.
My Lex is being trained with a litter pan. Instead of actually buying a Litter Box, they sell litter pans where you put a puppy pad over the top of it. There sold in different sizes. I have a small one that has a little lip in the front for him to walk onto cuz he's too tiny :D . He's almost 8 weeks.... oh goodness...he sure is, ...aaah they grow fast. lol ANYWAYS, :D he's being taught as we speak and is doing great with it! Also if you chi poops anywhere other than the puppy pad pick it up and put it on the puppy pad, that also help with the training, not sure if someone already said that above, but it does help out. Good Luck training!! :D
Thx for that chimom :)
Lilchi can i ask if you can buy the litter pan online? :)
Seren said:
Thx for that chimom :)
Lilchi can i ask if you can buy the litter pan online? :)
At Pet Smart. They have a few to choose from, like different sizes and stuff. They also have one that fits perfectly in the corner of the room, its really neat! It seems convenient and out of the way. I might have to get that one when I finally get Lex home. You can look them up on the website and see 'em. :D
thankss so much for the advice guys!! i was almost losing hope :?
Thx Lilchi,,, ive used the corner tray with my ferrets :lol: I`ll have a look what petsmart have :)
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