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Okay Ruby is getting really good with going on her pee pad in her den :D
BUT!!!! she wont poo on it every time she wakes up she i tell her to "go potty" over and over untill she goes wee wee then shes gets lots of good girl ect and comes out to play - afew times shes woken up, peed on her pad then cried to come out :rolleyes:
but she wont poo on it the first night i thought she tried to go to her pad but didnt get there in time as she did it just outside her den... but yesterday she came out after going for a wee and then started to poo before she could start i put her on her pad! then today she kept sniffing on around the living room... i knew she didnt need a wee because she had just been. so i put her on her pad an kept telling her to go potty... we were there for 30 mins so i let her out .. she came out and put her bum straight down to poo!! i grabbed her and took her to the pad and carried on with the good girls as she started going..


Bexy xx
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