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potty training with wee wee pads

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my puppy sonny is now 6 months old.. i have had him for two months.. when we are gone in the day we keep him in a play pen thing where he has a little place to run around, eat, and go to the bathroom. we keep his wee wee pad in there. he always goes on the wee wee pad when hes in there, but when we take him out and leave the gate open he wont go in there to make.. he will just go on the floor in another room. :? its like he doesnt know that when hes not in there that he should walk in there to make. but we are going to get rid the the play pin when hes older but keep the wee wee pad there. do any of you have any suggestions on how to train him to go on wee wee pads all the time? i was thinking to put another wee wee pad in the room where he usually likes to make on the floor.. so that maybe he will start making on that one too... and when hes olding to take it away and maybe he will get the hint to make on the other one and that its not okay to make on the floor. what do you guys think?
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That sounds like a good plan. Mine does the same thing. But hers is in the bathroom and she her new potty is the new office. Beleave me it has been christened everywhere. I'd like to hear suggestions too.
I have the same problem. I started putting puppy pads in other rooms that Josie spends a lot of time in and that has helped a little. But she still won't go on them unless she's in that room. :?
You should give that a try that what i did with my older chihuahua Princess and it did work and she still uses them there i have two pooch pads in our closet and four in the living room.Even my younger chi Pearl is learning to go potty there as well.


I am SO glad to find out that other people use "piddle pads" too!!

When I started Charley out on piddle pads, I had one in my bedroom and one in the living room. As he got older, I took away the one in the living room. He tried to go in the spot where it used to be a couple of times, but I was able to break him of that.


I do NOT know how to break Charley of his piddle pad training. The silly boy will go outside and hike on everything in sight. We can be outside for 10 minutes or an hour and he will still come back inside and Poo on his pad!! :booty:

PS ... the absolute BEST piddle pads I've found is throught the Foster & Smith catalog. I use the Ultra absorbant. They are great!
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thanks.. im guna give that a try a put we we pads in other rooms..

one thing i do know though is that if you want to get your chi to make outside in the back.. try putting the wee wee pad by the back door.. and then eventually put it right outside the back door so he starting making on it outside.. then evenutally just take the wee wee pads away and he should make outside
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