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You are taking them out together right?
Make sure you praise them alot when they do go outside.
Chis can be stubborn little buggers.
If you find that Binkie has done some poo in the house, pick up the poo with a piece of tissue or paper towel and let her see you do it. Tell her "No poo poo in the house" then take her and the poo out side where you want her to go and say "good girl poo poo out side" and put the poo in the yard. So she can see it and smell if she wants to.
It may take her a few times to catch on.
Just make sure you praise them both alot when they do go outside.
Do you have a command for when you take them out to go potty? Something like "Go potty outside", if not think of something.
When ever you take them out be sure to tell them the command. You have to keep repeating it until they go, then praise them using the command, "good girl go potty outside".
It's mostly persistance and it helps to take them out at the same time everyday, that way they know when to expect that they will be going out.
My girls poo 2 times a day, but have to pee alot more than that, so there are many trips outside during the day. Especially after they wake up from a nap.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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