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potty training

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Hi, I am going to be a new Chihuahua owner on the 16th of June and i, and my family, are very excited. he is a little boy, medium hair (mom is long, dad is short), and a choco color. just saw him for the first time today and he is simply adorable. The thing is, i haven't owned a dog in 7 years, since i moved away for school, and i need some advice, any advice, on some of the basics of potty training, especially of a small dog like a chihuahua. I"ve heard that often times, most small breed dogs won't ask to go outside and that potty training can sometimes be a bit to handle. There are many things that I am still familiar with as far as the car of my new little baby, i have had 2 cats now for the past 5 years and i haven't forgotten everything from my childhood. it's mostly the potty training thing, so if anyone could help out, that would be GREAT!!!! :p
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Hi and welcome :wave:

Please do a search of the site or check out the post above your called "paper training" just saves us writing the same thing again :lol:
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