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PP Pad issues.....GGRRRR

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OK. Lil Bindi dearest is peeing on the edges of the pads along with the middle and princess's aim has been off :evil:

Why all of a suden is she doing this??? If I try to move her over she simply stops peeing and goes off an plays.

1. The pads are all over (one in each room she is in) so she has plenty of choices
2. The pads are not "overly" soiled nor soiled at all when she does this
3. Please dont tell me to double pad as I wont have wall to wall pads (ok I am exaggerating) and this was not an issue before. Actually I do double pad when she is confined all day but only then.

Now for any tips that might help me switch her to outside when it warms up -- other than putting pad outside--and moving pad closer to the door as that wont work due to steps and then the pad would be in my 2x4 hallway (that really wont work) :shock: do you have any sucessful tips? I ideally want her to stay a padder and outsider--just in case I need her to do that (so selfish of me huh) LOL

Thanks :wave:
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I had this problem with Callie too. I found what worked for me was putting the pad into a litter box. It took some treats to get her in there at first but once she got the hang of it she wasn't too bad. It helps give her a boundry, otherwise I think she thinks if she can SEE the pad, shes on it!
Snicks goes on Puppy Pads but whenever I take Snicks outside he pees. I think because he smells the urine of the other dogs in this complex. I didnt have to train him to go outside.

But they do have spray that you can use to spray on the grass or where ever you want them to pee. It probably has a similar effect that the "other dog urine" has.
Mine go outsdie and on pads - just take her out every couple of hours and she will go - especially if she sees kemo doing it - Lily will always wait for Ozzy to wee and then she will go over and wee over his :lol: about the side thing - mine did this for a while and it was because I wasnt sufficantly cleaning the area underneath the pad :wave:
I've found that dogs just like to pee outside in general. No training required =)

In terms of PP pads, the suggestion about the litterbox is great. You might also get a large shallow tupperware and cut part of the side out so that there is an entrance, and place the PP pad in there. This will prevent spillage onto the floor and discourage your chi from peeing on the fringe since it is surrounded. It always is easier said than done isn't it? Sadie still urinates on the floor when it rains, no matter how many times we take her out.
I know when it is time to change the pp pads when Gadget pp's on the edge. He only does it when the pad is dirty... The thing I have problems with is he goes poo fine most of the time and but there are times he still goes on the floor.
Tucker never did get it 100% of the time on the pads. And when he did go on a pad, if his front feet were on the pad he'd pee and it would be on the floor running up underneath the pad. So my husband built a picket fence around our front lawn and we began taking Tucker out every hour-or-so. He trained very easily to going outside to potty with very few mistakes in the house other than when I didn't pick up on his signals that he needed to go. I wish Tucker would use the pads inside, as well as going outside, for the convenience of being able to go out for the day without having to rush back in time for a potty break. Oh, well, guess I can't have everything! :?
I like the idea of putting the pad in a litter box or something. So far Marcus is good unless the pad is soiled, then he insists on using the edge but you never know.
I have been having the same problem with Sadie and Shilo,
Shilo would put his front legs in the litter box and would end up peeing down the outside of the litter box which sits on carpet cause almost our whole house is carpeted. I started putting a pp pad under the litter box and now he just wants to pee on the pad. Sadie has seen this and thus refuses to go in the litter box at all because she sees him not going in the box.
I have tried not praising Shilo whenever he just goes on the pad beneath the box but praise him like no tomorrow when he actually goes in the box but he still does the paws over the side. I am wondering if I am just encouraging him by having the pad underneath? Should I remove it? Also when Shilo does #2
he seems to always have to run back and fourth to work it and the litter box isn't big enough for him to run in it's just average sized. Is there any way to make it easier for him to go?

Gary & Christy
Shilo and Sadie
I took Clare's suggestion and re-steamed the rugs where she pees to see if I did miss something.......I dont want to do litter boxes as I have pads everywhere but will look for something with a slight lip to it that may help. I just dont think getting her to go outside is gonna be that easy! :roll:

Gweller you may be confusing him a bit, dont you wish you could just sit them down and explain the deal........LOL
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