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I have come to realize that my boyfriend and I get as excited as Jaxx does if not more when he achieves something that he has been trying to do.

For instance Jaxx has decided that the chair in the corner of our living room is his chair. No one ever uses it and it is filled with throw pillows and has a soft blanket hanging on the back of the chair. Jaxx loves to hide in the pillows and cuddle behind the blanket and hide even deeper. Approximately a week ago he decided that he wanted a toy up in the chair with him. He sat with the toy in his mouth and looked up at the chair for a couple of minutes before he decided to make the leap with the squeaky ball in his mouth. My boyfriend and I were watching him and trying to make sure he did not notice us watching him. Needless to say the first try was not successful. When he attempted to jump with the ball in his mouth he dropped the ball and fell backwards off of the chair. He miss judges the height of the living room furniture quite often and falls off but this time it was just adorable because he was trying to get the toy up into the chair. It took him a day or so before he got up the guts to try again. He did learn to just drop the toy instead of falling after the first time. After several days of this I felt sorry for him and put the toy ball into the chair with him (it is not his favorite toy but it seems to be the one he wants in the chair with him.)
After I put the toy in the chair he looked at me and then kept looking at the rest of his toys and going back and forth between the two of us like he was saying "Mom could you put them all up here please?")
When I walked off he for some reason threw the ball off of the chair and went to pout in his bed. (I say pout because that is exactly what he looked like he was doing.)
Yesterday we were sitting watching a movie when Jaxx decided it was time to try to get the toy into the chair again. He first looked at me and the toy again as if to say will you do it for me? Since I just giggled at him he decided to take the plunge.
This time he actually made it on top of the chair with his toy ball still in his mouth.
I think my boyfriend and I thought it was a bigger deal than he did but it made me think about how excited we got over him just getting that toy ball into the chair.
Does everyone else find little things like this that their Chis do and get excited that they were able to accomplish it?
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