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Pretty in Pink Harness

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I saw this fabric and HAD to get it. So sparkly and cute!!! Of course I added gems to it, too.

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Thank you. I'm thinking about trying Etsy with this one and a few other ones.
My problem is figuring out how much I should price them for on there. It took 3 hours to make that one. I was thinking 20 because of the all the gems on it too.

I've also been using some great fabric glue for the gems so they stay stuck.

Any advice from anyone would be helpful!
Etsy is suppose to be a site for crafters to sell their items. But it seems that more people are buyng already made things and saying they made them and than selling them on etsy. So its really fusrating for some of us that can't take that perfect professional pictures and keep up with the resellers as I call them.

I do have another site I've started using but Etsy seems to have more traffic but tons of competition so its a mixture of things.

But thats my personal feelings.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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