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price of unusual colour

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hi everyone, as you all know i am picking up "blue" in 5 weeks time. The thing is he isn't really blue anymore, his colouring is now dark fawn. However, when i first contacted the breeder the price was £550 becasue he was blue and all her other pups were £450. I didn't mind paying this as i really want a blue chi but he really isn't blue anymore, do you think i would be really wrong to ask her to reduce the price to £450???? I don't want her to think im only interested in the price as this isn't the case at all, i am happy to pay £550 but dont think it's really fair that she's charging £450 for all the others when there is no difference between them now.

Should i ask her to reduce the price or pay what i originally agreed????
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I definately think you should ask whats the worst she will do is say no..........give it a try plus with the extra 100 quid you can buy him some more new do you have any new pics so we can see his colour now :wave:
yeah i just got a new pic today, i'll ask mia to post it on the forum as i am sooo computer thick it doesn't seem to work!!

Hes absolutely gorgeous, he's like a chocolately colour - yummy!!!
you can email it to me if you like and i will post it for you my email is : [email protected] :wave:
Zeus was the traditional "blue chi" when we got him, but over the months it's turned brindle. He's still gorgeous though. :wink:

I'd ask the breeder if she'll knock the price down. It wouldn't hurt.
the price was £550 becasue he was blue and all her other pups were £450
Hi, just curious, does anyone know what those amounts would be converted to in american dollars?
about 900 dollars roughly
what the breeder told me is that they carry the blue gene. they dont have to be blue in colour. their pups would carry the gene aswell, breeded correctly.
Personally, I do not think it is right to ask more for a pup because of a "rare" color. It is a selling ploy. When I sell my pups, there is one price, not more for a tiny, or a rare color, or a female. I sell a healthy pup, not a rare pup.

Mama J
Last month I had 2 pups(not Chi's) that I had one regular size and one super super tiny teacup and I sold them both the same price. The teacup lady was bursting she was so happy :)
LOL I have to admit I wanted to tell her the poor thing didn't make it... just so I could keep her myself. Drats its tough having a conscience sometimes. :D
The lowdown on the blues

Hi Gembabes,

My Scooter Wooter is a blue, and I did a lot of research before I bought her. I'm going to give it to you straight ;) Blues are not rare, and don't be fooled by anyone who tells you different or tries to hike up the price because of it. While they are not rare, it doesn't mean they're super common either. I mean, you'll probably see as many of them as black and white chis, but not as frequently as say, fawn color or black and tan.

In addition, (and this is something you'll want to know) since blues are a black and tan dilute (this is a part of their genetic make up) they are prone to thin hair and other skin conditions. Personally, my blue is almost bald on the top of her head and her hair is thinning around her shoulders. I knew all this when I bought her, but when she was 8 weeks old, her hair looked full all over. It wasn't until a month ago that her fur started to really thin on her head. We took her to the vet and he said it might be a seasonal allergy.

So, like I said, it's a mixed bag. Just because the chi is blue, it doesn't necessarily mean that its hair will thin or he'll have allergies, but it's more likely than if you got another color. Also, ask what color the parents are. It's bad to breed two blues together. Weak genes.

We love Scooter Wooter, bald or not, and we're optimistic her hair will grow back in the fall and winter! And even though her head looks like a cue ball now, we still get mugged by people when we walk down the street about how adorable she is. :D

Let us know what you decide! :wave:
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the mother is a tri and the father is a white/fawn....the mother carriers the blue gene.

im getting a white girl from the litter
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