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Problems with Coop

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I am very streesed out today, Cooper is an amazing chihuahaua. He is 5 months and never ever had an accident in the house. He can do tricks and is affectionate. But he is shy, he barks at new people and is very afraid to approach new people. He just runs away. Me and my husband have a very social lifesyle and have people over all the time, My husband says we have to do something, so we are taking him to sosilazation classes. If nothing changes I don't know what Im going to do, Im so upset. :cry:
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Don't give up on him, try the socialisation classes I've heard they work wonders. I'm sure they will help.
Sorry that you're having problems with Cooper, don't panic just yet though.
Nona -
Don't give up on him, try the socialisation classes I've heard they work wonders. I'm sure they will help.
I agree , he sounds like a real sweetie . Give the classes a good go , i hope they help x
From one Cooper to another, you may want to ask a friend to come over and bring some treats with them. Put him on leash so he can't run and hide, then let the friend sit on the floor and coax him to them with the treats. Maybe you can make progress before you begin socialization classes.

My Cooper is extremely friendly with everyone he meets but he would originally run and hide. I think it might have been too many people at once or just the fact that people are so much bigger than he was/is that he didn't trust all those big shoes around his tiny feet.
You can also try picking him up when the dor bell rings and take him tot he door with you... introduce him to the company... this worked great with Gadget when he was smaller and meeting people for the first time... now he has his people he likes and no matter where he is when he see them he wants them to know he is there for them to visit and pay attention to him...

Our one neighbor across the road is his favorite neighbor and he gets so excited when he sees him opull into his space... Gadget will stand there and bark at him to let him know here I am come talk to me... he almost gets as excited as when Mark comes home from work... it is so funny

good luck and God bless
i know you are trying your best with him .......but would you even consider giving him up because he's shy :?: i mean if he is affectionate and clean....he's is better than most dogs.......
Nobody's perfect and certainly not dogs ......

i understand your situation and know it must not be ideal .....but it's not a disaster and certainly nothing to rehome a dog :?

if he's shy ...just put him in another room when people come over or try to adjust him slowly :wave:

kisses nat
No, I would never ever give him up. Other chihuahua people don't think hes all that shy and they think he will only get better. The behavorist I took him to said it is just a phase and If I continue doing what I'm doing he will be a great adult. Since this is my first chihuahua Im just not used to the shyness. I worry too much.
owww :D

well worrying too much is better than too less :wink:

he's still young and you are doing the best you can for him ,so i'll bet everything will be ok .........
i thought from your post you were really at your wits end :lol:
forget what i wrote :lol: ok :wink:

good luck :wave:

kisses nat
I agree patience is a virtue. I am sure he will come around in no time. Good luck!

Chis are just naturally shy - at least most of them. From the sounds of your post, the shyness is really the only problem you have with him and the socialing class is an excellent idea.

I would try to start getting him comfortable with other people as soon as possible. Having a friend try to win him over is an excellent idea.

Just be patient and he will probably come around. If not, you can always confine him in another area of the house if he is disruptive when you have guests
My baby is used to people flowing in and out of our house all the time because my family is very social. She barks at older men, but is pretty good with everybody else. The classes should help so just keep hope! Coop is a great chi either way! Good luck! :wave: :D
My Bella barks at anyone she doesn't know or harldy knows . I just hold her and calm her down sure it annoys some people but you know what if they don't like it they can leave. She even barks at my hubbys grown kids because they come over like a couple of times a year and I just hold her & keep her calm.And if it is really rough on him just put him in another room like someone else suggested.
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