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hi all

is anyone having problems getting into, because i havent seen many of you lately

i miss you all :love7:
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Come along and see the changes :wave:
I know what you mean. :lol: I got you! :lol:

I was there! I tried out the picture posting function! I love it!

Have you checked out pics of Mocha and Beetle that I uploaded there. :lol:
yes jj, they are so lovely, I really love the one of moch she is so pretty, anyway I am in the process of taking some new ones of ozzy, how does you get them to sit still for you, ozzy just wont I have to just keep the camera handy and when he is sitting still I have to quickly take

anyway talk to you soon

the reason I cant type in the address is because you cant type any url here as they have been having some problems :wink:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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