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Psycho Dolly

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Went to a friend's house last night with Dolly and they have a kitten. Dolly loved the kitten and played with her. Then they brought out their dog.. bull mastif/lab mix. Dolly went psycho and raised her teeth trying to bite the dog snarling and everything.. she was growling really bad. I don't get it.. she's fine with our cats and our dog.. and we have a collie!
Also whenever I pet one of the cats and have them on my lap she'll bark at them and chase them away and then comes back to sit on my lap.. besides that she's fine with them.
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Mikey is like that too. He loves one of my cats, Eerie, but he likes her when he wants to like her. Chloe, my other kitty never took to him, she isn't mean to him, she just doesn't want to be friends. Well, if she comes around Mikey goes off on her. He seems to hate all other dogs in general. So funny, I dreamed Mikey was almost as big as a lab last night but real skinny and I had gotten another dog and Mikey kept trying to fight him and I was so mad!
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