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Pucci Jackets similar to Ritz's for 15 pounds!

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I just ordered one of these in pink for Ruby (our COLD winter is on its way) they're pretty similar to the one gorgeous Ritz was modelling the other day. But I think Ritz's is a bit more luxurious ;) I remember it was a hit so I thought some of you may be interested and they're only 15 Pounds, which I think is a bargain. If this isnt the right place for it mods, feel free to move it :)


link to the pink one (you can get to the black and red ones by going down to the 'related products' section down the bottom)
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hey! great and it doesn't use rabbit fur (Ritz' does) Maybe I'll have kristin return it and get this one. I don't like the real animal fur...even though Ritz has this jacket and Sadie has that other one with with real feathers...and I have a leather wallet, and leather car seats...oh my. =/ I'm a PETA nightmare.
Those are great - I can vouch for their stuff from here its always good quality - I have had quite a few things from their :wave:
Sorry for sounding "ignorant" but what is 15 pounds in US $'s?
Thanks :wink:
think its about $30 not sure but around that price
yep that's correct !!! i work with currencies at my work :D

kisses nat
at this exact point in time its lol -0---->
15.00 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds = 27.1952 USD
United States Dollars

yeh 27 now!

its usually around 30 depending on the day ect...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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