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Have you told Dexter yet that he is getting a little sister?
lol i told him again the other other day but all he did was look at me and lick my face lots and lots of times :lol:

Omg I just wanna bury my face in them!!!! 4 more days; oh the suspense!!! =D
hehehe!!! yes the suspense is killing me esp. with all these picture updates! :p

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im not sure if i know what im in for! :toothy8::laughing2::foxes251:

Everytime I get a new puppy or kitten I am always in awe mode until they start their spunky antics and I question myself as to why did I do this LOL

It is always worth it though :D

BG loved Sonny then he would annoy her and I would get the look "really mom can't we return him"

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Aww tummy kisses for everyone!!! :p
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