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Hi Chi lovers,

I`m new here, my name is Lillith and I live in Holland (so if my grammar/ spelling sucks, sorry :p ). My Chi is 8 month old and I want to buy him a puppia harness (the B model, it looks like a vest).

On a forum I read a case once where a Chi was attacked by a dog and the fact that he wore a harness (vest model) helped to lower the inpacked of the bite woonds. Ofcourse I know that its not like you put youre dog in a kevlar vest, but all little things help right ;)

Now I`m not sure what model would be best.. I`m doubting between the soft witch is made of mesh or a cotton model (the combat).
The reason I`m doubting is that I like the mesh one better when it comes down to looks, but if the cotton is more firm then that will be better for the purpose I want to use it for..

Can someone tell me if there is a significant difference between the thickness/firmness of the mesh vs the cotton?

And if you know a brand that makes doggy kavlar`s let me know ;)
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