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I'm disabled and I'm thinking about possibly getting a puppy. However, this might be a bad idea! So I'm here looking for advice. I'm in my 30s and live with my parents who are in their 70s. I have ME and I have about 60-70% the energy of a normal person. I do need a full night's sleep, but I sleep between about midnight and 10-11am. I did have a chihuahua called Mimi who I adored. I lost her in 2019 to kidney and heart disease. I had her from the age of 4. I've never had a puppy but I have looked after my neighbour's puppy on a number of occasions. I'm thinking that a young puppy probably wouldn't work, but maybe one that's 6 months old plus? I'd like to get a long haired female. So, I have a few questions!

  • At about what age do puppies start to sleep through the night?
  • Am I right in thinking that older puppies are easier than younger ones?
  • What about ages 1-2ish? Are chihuahuas likely to be very energetic at that age?
  • Am I insane in thinking of getting a puppy given my health?
  • Is there anyone who's disabled here who has had a puppy? What advice would you give me?
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