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Puppies playing witheating feces

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Has anyone ever used the Deter pills that are supposed to make puppies stiop eating feces.....i am not sure if my puppies are eating or just playing with them. I find little dryed up pieces of poop under the covers in there bed....if one of them is pooping the other one will try to pick it up and run with it like it is a i have never caught them actually eating it but i no they like to play with and i want them to stop. Do these pills really work?
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i know for-bid works well.... but i'm nto sure if it stops them from playing with it :?
Deter didn't work for us...haven't tried Forbid. I notice that there is a direct correlation with the poop eating and the frequency of treat giving.

The more that their diet is composed of treat foods, the more they eat their poop. Only give Sadie dog food for 2 days, she won't eat the poop. I wonder if she is smelling the treat in the poop and eating it to uh...savor the taste again?

Some people say you can use tabasco, but I'll be honest, Ritz and Sadie don't mind the taste.

The only GUARANTEED way to get rid of poop eating, is to pick it up as soon as you see it so they can't reinforce their own bad behavior by eating it and enjoying it. If the pills don't work, you can try spraying bitter apple on a piece of poop and leaving it around. This is the same principle as the pills though, so I'm not sure it will help.

Good luck, and if you find a solution, share it because I know there are a lot more puppies eating poop than owners willing to admit it =)

I have 2 of them.

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when i asked my vet about tasha birds yucky eating he said that for some dogs they just like the taste because foods and treats are being made so highly palatable and full of nutrients that they don't fully breakdown before leaving the body, so when it comes out the dog is like mmm this is food... then some other dogs do it cause that is all that is available to them at times (i think that was the case with my tasha bird, she was forced to eat her own feces cause there was no other food left for her at times.)
I bought deter for Gadget because he was eating his poo

only had to use it 2 times and he hasn't bothered it again... It has been about a month now...

Either it worked or he grew out of the poo eating.. what ever it was it worked...

good luck and God bless
Zeus only did this as a puppy during the house-training phase. I contributed it to him knowing it was bad to go poop in the house, so he ate it. As soon as he was house-trained, he never touched it again. Maybe coincidence, but I'm just glad he doesn't do it anymore.
Jasmine plays with hers more than she eats it (at least I THINK she does). LOL - the times I have seen her she picks it up and shakes it around like it is one of her toys. As ilovesadie said, pick it up as soon as they go so they aren't tempted.
Thanks guys...yes i definately try to pick it up as soon as i see it but sometimes if they are left alone for a few hours at a time i cant pick it up right away....i am hoping it is has been happening less than it did a few months ago thank god!!
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