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Uh, oh, Spork is a ... well, a Spork!

:wave: Hi!

I tested my Spork. So he licks and cuddles up no matter what I do on those tests like Elevation and Social Dominance. He goes to check out anything he sees. Barks at noises and runs to my side, staring in the direction the noise came from and at me if it came from my direction.

Then we did the Restraint test and he didn't do anything on the list. He didn't struggle, didn't avoid eye contact, instead he looked at me, let his tail flop and smiled because he knew he was going to get his little belly rubbed!

Uh, oh, do they have a test for dog owners???????

Well, he also tried to eat the paper ball. He is very fond of paper and will eat it any time he's given the opportunity. But he retrieves stuffed animals like a golden retriever!

How did your babies do?
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