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I'm trying to decide which will be best for Piper and Gizmo. I've decided that I'm not comfortable that they don't always come to me when I call them. I remember training my Dalmation with this same trainer, and her explaining that being able to make your dog stop on command is the most important command that your dog know. (In case they are running at a moving car, etc.) She can do either group or private lessons, and the price difference is minimal. But from what I've seen, most dog classes are filled with really BIG dogs, and Gizmo is sorta a wimp, so I'm worried that he will be too afraid to relax and learn. Plus we'll be dealing with Piper's first heat cycle at any time now.

On the other hand, the socialization is what they would miss out on, and I know how important that is too.

For those that have done classes already, especially those that learned with a class, how did your dogs do?
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