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What kind of food are you all using, or have you used for your Chihuahua puppies?

I am having a debate on what to do. Where I bought my puppy at, the owner there was into natural things, food, treats, etc. Well, then I also read someone saying that they wouldn't want their dog to be on a pet food that no one has heard of, or hasn't been around that long.
Can you help me?

When I got him, they had him on Eagle Pack. says its a "Super Premium" food. The lady indicated that it was more natural, and didn't have some of the harmful ingredients other foods have in them. Well, I had never heard of it, and neither has my vet, but I figured he was used to it, so I bought a bag and figured that I would try it for awhile. I have never had a problem, but am considering switching to a more popular brand. I just don't want him to be a guinea pig for a food, if it is not that popular. (not to mention, that none of the big stores carry it-you have to special order it, or check in one of the smaller stores to carry it.)

What do you guys think? What brand have worked for you? Thanks!
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