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Puppy Mills/Health Issues *Paris's Story*

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Okay so this can get a little long because it is a long story, however i need some advice on the matter. On august 13th I was on a trip to Nc, and on this trip I purchased a very small chi, in which I named Paris. Now, me knowing nothing about breeders, or puppy mills happily bought my "7 week old" little girl and my friend purchased her "7 week" brother. Things were fine with Paris for a while, she had some lose stool, however i thought that it was due to the fact that I was feeding her wet food, so we switched to dry food, and the potty problems continued, untill tuesday when i woke up to her in a state which her entire body was limp, her eyes were open but rolled back in her head, and her breaths were only maybe at the most 5 times a min. infact her breaths were so sparse that I thought she was dead imediately, I started crying and ran to my husband who studied her hard and saw she was alive and breathing, and we rushed her to the vet.

Now, we get to the vet and its worse then we thought, her gums are snow white, and her temperature is 92 degrees, and thats about 10 degrees to low. and her weight has dropped from 1lb all the way down to 13oz. they hook her up to two IV's one in her front leg and another in her tail, trying to pump her with both fulids and glucose. They keep her on heating pads and slowly are able to bring her back to normal. Meanwhile they send us home, and we call to check on her about every 30 min. Finally right before they close they call us up there and give us instructions on feeding, watering, and Karo Syrup. as well as Albon for her coccidia that she picked up some where. and at this time she is a seemingly normaly baby girl again.

Paris remains just fin through out the night, eating great, drinking good, peeing and taking her meds. we are somewhat night owls, so she is up with us at midnight when we run to Mc Donalds even then, she was spunky paris, she was fighting me for my hamburger, and jumping around, she even pounced at my drink and knocked it over TWICE! she was as playful and alive as she had been before anything ever happened.

3am we head to bed, I dont want Paris in her crate because I want to keep a good watch at her, I want to be able to see her if i roll over and want to check on her, so I put her in a box with a bunch of towels and cuddle her up with her lil toys, and she seems fine, 6am comes, I have to pee, and I roll over and look down in Paris's Box and shes in the same state as the morning before. I yell at my husband to wake up and we call and locate the emergency vet, and we head off to take her there. They take paris, and leave us in the exam room, sitting..., keep in mind that this clinic closes at 7:30am, its now... 7ish... and this freak show of a woman walks into our exam room holding some papers, now I seriously mean freakshow, she had her hair split down the middle, half pink, half purple, and then a huge tounge ring sticking out of her mouth. says nothing about how paris is doing at all, slaps some papers down infront of us and says "you guys ready to sign the papers to put her to sleep?"

I lost it.. For one, HOW DARE SHE COME IN THERE AND SAY THAT TO ME WITH OUT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT HOW PARIS WAS OR WHAT THEY FOUND WRONG WITH HER! and then two, if the vet was able to perk her up the day before why couldnty they right now? ...heres why...THEY CLOSED IN 20 MIN and they didnt want to have to deal with her!!! By the way, she weighs 9oz on this day, so shes getting worse. and these people refuse to help!?!? Im still angry about this and it was days ago.

Even more so im mad at what she said afterwards when i confronted her with those two issues, she says to me "Well you have three choices, You can put her to sleep and PAY for it" or "You can take her home and let her die" or "You can sign her over to the hospital and we will PUT HER TO SLEEP FOR FREE" I was livid. I quickly chose to take her, when the freak brings her back out to me with a 200 dollar vet bill the poor baby has a bandage around her neck, were they tried to give her a cathader and tore her poor neck to shreads. again.. I was mad.. however we went to her real vet and waited on them to open, and when they did they again were able to bring her back up and told us to get her on one inch of nutrical every hour. and again they keep her from 8am till closing time at 6pm, and today dont even charge us, unlike those er vets that robbed us and didnt do anything at all but tear my babies neck up and try to kill her.

So we head home, do all we are suposed to, keep up on the Albon and the Nutrical, and do everything we are suposed to, but today she wont eat, I tried everything, boiled her some chicken, she wouldnt eat it, no wet food, no dry food, no NOTHING, finally i am gettting to the point where i have tried everything, and I talk to my friend Brittany who runs a Rescue in NY ( and she has me blend and liquify the wet food,some white rice, and the chicken and try and dropper feed it to her, how ever she just keeps thowing up what ever i get her to take down. and the same stuff slowly happens, gums turn white, eyes start to roll back, and her body becomes limp, at this time its 2am, I refused to take her back to that emergency clinic, all i could do for her was lay and hold her, and hope she chould make it till 8am so we could get her back to Dr Hill, at 3:15ish she left me, she gave a few little jerks and then died in my arms. I was crushed, and still am, being this was only night before last.

But since then in talking to brittney I find out that where i got her was a puppy mill, I didnt know anything about puppy mills, i thought it was just a breeder, and in this, this man is selling sick pups, and UNDER AGE. going back i pull out my recept and this man told me the entire time I was there that Paris and Gage ( her brother that my friend owns) were 7 weeks old ( which is NC's state law) , well we find out that these babies were really only 5 weeks old. Brittney now as livid as me, is helping me take action, and we want to get him shut down and save all those pups.

We confronted him about they age thing, and he WILLINGLY admits that he lied about the age JUST TO SELL THE PUPPS! He says he will give me puppy for free once its "ready" so to him probably means when its 5 weeks old, so we are gonna do what we can to get this jerk taken care of so he cant keep doin this to innocent lil babies. I just wanted to share my story and find out what you guys would do as far as the whole milling situation.
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what you have just wrote is absolutely heartbreaking and truely disgusting what he did!

I just want to say im so sorry for your loss she was a true little angel.

Im not sure of the laws in the USA, but there must be someone powerful enough to stop this. Would the police be intrested at all?
That is horrific!Not only the puppy mill but the vet.
Im sure some people here will have some good advice for you,all i can say is that i think you should try and prosecute him.
Im so so sorry but just telling others your story will help shut down these puppy mills.
it is all just too discusting even the emergency vet discusted me, as well as the guy who sold her to me.
OMG!!! :shock: poor little baby she should have still been with her mummy no wonder she was so little she was actually not too bad a weight for her real age considering she weaned too early and shouldnt have been on solids and probably had no immunity. *hugs* at least she's out of pain now
What a horrible and sad story. I would try to shut him down too if I were you. He is probably going to continue to breed sick puppies, take them away from the mother too early and end up breaking peoples hearts. I think one thing you might want to do is contact the aspca in North Carolina and see if they have previous complaints or suggestions. I think we have some members here from NC and maybe they can help. I am so sickened by the experience you had at the emergency vet that I am speechless. I would be tempted to see if other people have had problems there too. I hope you are able to do something. I am sorry for your loss and hope you do eventually get another baby to love :cry: :cry: :cry:
I know, its horrible, Im doin all I can to get things done. :angry2: and get this man shut down

I have tears rolling down my face. I am so sorry! I don't know what else to say. Shut that b a s t a r d down!
EdukatedRedHed said:

I have tears rolling down my face. I am so sorry! I don't know what else to say. Shut that b a s t a r d down!
awww i didnt mean to make you cry...
if you guys look, in that pic at the top, you can see where they tore her neck up tryin to give her a cathader, you can see down both sides purple bruises..

my poor lil baby :(
that is so so sorry for you loss..but i am absolutely sure you can do something about it and contact the spca there b/c u have a reciept i think you said that shows that the transaction was made between you and that guy..the spca will then investigate for animal cruelty and then probably be arrested and sent to court which then u can appear for what happened to your baby. just have all the medical bills and everything that shows what happened b/c he sold you paris and lied about her age.
Oh my, that is terribly sad. :cry: I hope you can do something about this jerk. I believe things are meant to be and maybe you were meant to be the one to take this guy out of business.

Things like this make it so important to really do the research before getting a chihuahua. It's so important to know exactly what type of breeder and what type of situation the baby is being raised in.

I'm very sorry for your loss. :cry:
First I would like to say how sorry :cry: I am for you and your poor little Paris :cry: . I can't believe what you have had to go through for the last few days and to lose your little one I can't even find the words to say how sorry I am. I would diffidently contact the NC SPCA officials and get this evil person shut down I can't believe that he sold this poor little babies so young and so sick just to make a profit. I hope that you are able to put that man under the jail house :evil:
IWannaBeParis said:
awww i didnt mean to make you cry...

It's perfectly ok. I just can't even imagine what you are going through. She was so beautiful. I just don't understand how the emergency vet couldn't stabilizer when your vet could. Was there even a licensed vet on duty that night? Did you talk to the person in charge? :cry:
EdukatedRedHed said:
IWannaBeParis said:
awww i didnt mean to make you cry...

It's perfectly ok. I just can't even imagine what you are going through. She was so beautiful. I just don't understand how the emergency vet couldn't stabilizer when your vet could. Was there even a licensed vet on duty that night? Did you talk to the person in charge? :cry:
I have been trying to get ahold of the person in charge to complain about the er vets actions because I am so dipleased with how we were treated how ever i was told "write a letter" which in its self ticked me off even more.
i am very sorry for your loss :cry: that story is really sad :(

i so hope you can get him shut down , what a disgusting thing to do selling sick pups not only for the chi babies but the new owners such a terrible thing to have to go through :(
wow a shocking story sorry to hear about your loss. It's a terrible thing that happened but hopefully some good will come out of it.
i feel a little better because someone just messaged me about puppy mills in nc and hopefully it makes other people aware so they woudlnt be buying from him
No One Buy ANY puppies from.....

Harbert Dean Locklear
(910) 844-4255
1800 McGirt's Gin Road
Maxton Nc 28364
omg, i am so so sorry for your loss. i dont think i would be as strong as yo are right now if this had happened to me. i hope you get that son of a ***** shut down and i would definitely report that vet to the vet insensitive!!!
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