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puppy sexual behavior or something else????

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oh k I’ve been watching my male chi and female for a while now and i have some questions about there behavior. i understand most of this maybe just puppy sexual behavior or them just play'n but what ever it is it's weird! i just need some answers

1. Jamoka (male) he puts penis in jemini's face and she licks it. :? not to mention sometimes she bites it.

2.Jamoka always licks between her legs. and some times she will lay down and lick his penis and he will stand over her and just lick her and they do this all day!!! :oops: it's embarrassing!

3.jemini will run up to him and bit his balls, sorry to say it like that :lol:

4.when there playing jamoka will pin her to floor and just stick his "stuff" in her face and start humping the air :oops:
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Sorry i can't be of any help, but I just had to tell you I'm laughing my head off at the great visual!!! :lol: Dogs sure are funny aren't they?!
oh you don't know how many hours i spend laughing at them. when i they find me looking at me they come running with kisses but i'm like yuck you guys just finished licking each other! ewwww :laughing6:

but when people come over and ask me what are they doing i always have no clue :lol:
Hmmm I think dogs are just funny like that. I remember when we bred 2 staffs of ours years ago but after the male finally found the entrance (30 minutes later) lol and with help lol and after the ongoings had happened well... she twisted in around and tried humping his face and his sides lol... I think its a dominent thing.... :wave: What healthy active babies you have!!
Its a misconception that dogs display sexual behaviour like humans do but this is just not the case. What your seeing is just common play and manners in the doggy world. The only sexual behaviour dogs actually have is to procreate. The humping & licking are simply displays of dominance and submission in their pecking order. It may be embarrassing to us humans but the dogs couldn't care less :lol:
:sign5: I think I saw a movie like that once :oops: ... I can't stop laughing at your description!!

I don't think you need to worry though; Beamer is right, it's only play they're doing and, in the case of them licking each other's privates, they're probably doing it because that's what Momma did when they were itsy bitsy.
yeah momma chi licked them all the time to keep the whelping area clean from pee and poop. the humping is dominance and the licking is cleaning each other. the only animals that do it for pleasure as far as i know is humans dolphins and an ape called the bonobos (can't spell it for nothin)
:laughing3: i know how funny it is cuz as i'm typing there doing it right now! oh k it's good to know. i kinda found out that they don't care cuz they just look at me and keep on doing it! but thanks you guys you came threw for me again!

COOPER! THANX for help with my siggy it worrks!!!! :D
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