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I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this worth it. And if you know any good puppy training class with reasonable price around NYC. If not maybe you can recommend me a good book to train your puppy.


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I got a book at walmart.... the cover is pink and has a Chi sitting on a chair... It's called "Little Dogs: Training your pint-sized companion"

I like it, it specifically addresses small dogs' needs and gentle training methods.

I went to puppy kindergarten with our family boxer. It was okay, and he learned some basic commands, but was still not a "trained" dog. He still wouldn't "leave it" and he chewed stuff up even though he had toys... he was bad lol

I looked into training for my Chi... you can look on the site... This is the link to the Canine Good Citizen Evaluators, but a lot of them offer training as well... check it out and search by your state... The ones in my area are very comparable to PetSmart's pricing... The one trainer I talked to said she cringes when she sees puppies that have had "training" at petsmart. I don't know, I have never been to their training so I couldn't tell you first hand... But that's what I have been told.... Hope it helps!

American Kennel Club - Canine Good Citizen Evaluators

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Wanted to add... here is the list for NYC from the AKC site:

New York Joel Moder [email protected]
New York P. Leigh Sansone [email protected]
New York Susan Nastasi [email protected]
New York Andrea Arden [email protected]
New York Jacque Schultz [email protected]
New York Karen Wells [email protected]
New York Madelyn Ashman [email protected]
New York Daisy Okas [email protected]
New York Erica Wittenberg [email protected]
New York Peg Munves [email protected]
New York JoAnne Basinger [email protected]
New York Mike Lustig [email protected]
New York Felicia Belle [email protected]
New York Tamar Paltin [email protected]
New York Karolina Kaminski [email protected]
New York Ronald Myers [email protected]
New York Sarah Fraser [email protected]
New York Shubha Chick [email protected]
New York Brian Burton [email protected]
New York Virginia Hoffmann [email protected]
New York Michelle Barlak [email protected]
New York Gail Miller Bisher [email protected]
New York Nancy Field [email protected]
New York Elena Gretch [email protected]
New York Kimberly Courtney [email protected]
New York George Berger [email protected]
New York Joseph Jimenez [email protected]
New York Mara Bovsun [email protected]
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