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Normally, the docs I work with will neuter a cryptorchid at six months because it puts them at greater risk for more immediate problems like ingluinal or umbelical hernia. It's an easy procedure to do, as long as the vet is good at locating the second testicle and making the incision at the right place. If there is doubt of the location, they can use ultrasound to verify it.

If your vet wants to wait a year, it's likely that he/she doesn't feel comfortable doing the surgery, waiting for the testicle to drop on a 6month old dog for a vet is just an easy way out to avoid doing a more difficult surgery (unless of course, your Chi has other health problems like a severe heart murmur or liver issues that could mess with the whole idea of surgery itself...) Find a vet who is comfortable doing the surgery, and get your boy neutered! =)

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