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I found this information on the web at
It is recommended to wait up to about six months of age before declaring a dog or a cat cryptorchid. The reason for the six-month wait is that the inguinal rings of most dogs are closed by 6 months of age, precluding movement of the testes from the abdomen to the inguinal canal if that has not already occurred
it goes on to say that there are usually other problems associated with this problem:
High frequency of other congenital defects noticed in cryptorchid dogs include inguinal and umbilical hernias, patellar luxation, and preputial and penile problems. Retained testes also have a tendency to develop neoplasic changes. The risk of neoplasia in retained testis has been reported to be 9 to 14 times higher than in the scrotal testis [7,8], with Sertoli cell tumors and seminomas being the most common tumors
It sounds to me as if now would be the time to go ahead and have him neutered to avoid any long-term problems. I'm sorry :(
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