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My boyfriend and I are getting our new pup this week and we can't agree on a name. we've got a little list...let me know what you think of them!

Rocky (Balboa)

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I really like Sully, it's different and very cute.
I love Kitty for a puppy and always wanted to use it, I got 2 boys so it didn't fit.

I like Sully! :wink:
is it for a girl or a boy

if girl Kitty

if boy Sully :wave:
Hey, my girls called Sully :D after our last name. All O'Sullivans are nick-named Sully.
Sully is the boy in monster in monsters inc so its really cute for a boy

heres what the baby namer says it means :

Sully = Dark-eyed M Celtic/Gaelic
those are ok..
here are some more since i think your talkin about a boy:
Ace: top notch.. and was batmans dog
Laddie: young boy irish
Diesel: fuel or Vin Diesel
Ferrari:the caar
Shaggy: from scooby doo
Armani: the designer
Rolex: like the watch!
Levi: like the jeans
Peyton: means warriors estate, also Walter Jerry Peyton running bacxk for the chicago bears in 54 nicknamed sweetness
Rugby: the sport
Polo: The sport and line of clothing
Alculpoco: city in mexico..
hope you liked them
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i think the city in mexico is acapulco :?

kisses nat
thanks nat.. sorry typo
I love the name kitty, but I think it would be best for a girl! I love the name rocky, especially if he is darker colored! Good luck and congrats on egtting a new pup, they're a joy! :wave: :D Kepp us posted on what you decide!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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