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Purple Formal - New Dress

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Well, I am not sure what to call this one... it reminds me of bieng a kid and getting to go buy a new dress for Easter... Anyway, this is 3 fabrics - purple, purple sheer, and pink satin... I didn't put a D-Ring on this one but I can... just wanted a kinda fancy dress...
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Traci this dress really rocks. How much do you charge for something like this and when are you getting your website up? Bella is still growing so I have cut down on buying stuff for her for now, but I have a hard time resisting when you post things like this :lol:

Thanks, Leslie!! I really like this one too!! I was just hoping it wasn't just me being biased (sp?) LOL

When I go live with the website the halter dresses like this will be $45 - they are alot more work than the harnessess - 3 pieces to sew, etc.... also because of other additional costs I hadn't thought of, blah, blah,.... I hope that is not too much... I have seen other dresses online (some don't even seem to have as much detail to them) for allot more. Tell me what you all think - PLEASE!!

My website should be up in about 2 days..... Woo HOO!!! :lol:
I think you are doing a great job and I really can't wait to log onto your website. Will you be posting the weblink here?

You have done some great things. As far as the pricing for the dress, I think it is good. I just can't get one of these for Bella until she is fully grown as I would hate to buy one and than have to buy another 2 months from now. Bella is only 4.5 months old. Aye....hurry up and grow Bella as mommie has plans for you. :D

I love this dress.. I think it is well worth the $45.00.

It is very gorgeous...
I love this dress.. I think it is well worth the $45.00.

It is very gorgeous...
Gorgeous...and I think 45 is a good price....

You have to make cute boy shirts and stuff... :D

Gizmo loves sleeveless shirts...(hint hint).. :D
Just adorable Traci! good job! You will do well with your Website! :D I love to admire the work of other talented seamstresses! :wink:

:D GREAT JOB! Love the always wanted one of those!
:oops: Awww, thanks guys!!!

"talented seamstresses!" - that's one thing I never thought I would be called... lol.... I agree, I love looking at others work... SJC yours are so great - love the site....

SunnyFLMum - I am working on some more boy outfits.... I'll post them soon....

Vala - Isn't that dog mannequin too cool??? I love it. I have 5 sizes (xxs-xs-s-m-l) so I can size the paterns easier... and for demonstration...

Again, thanks for the nice comments... you make doing this so much more fun!!
love the dress !! i would call it the bridesmaid :D

kisses nat
WOW girl that dress is sooo pretty!! Just out of curiousity, will you be making little boy polo shirts or something of that sort as a harness? Or possibly in the future? Its really hard finding those on the web, without them being like $60. I've found ones for like golden retrivers, and yeah....wouldnt quite fit :D I was just wondering.
Oh my goodness! That's sooo pretty! I have to buy a dress like that for Molly for next Easter! :D
thats stuning it reminds me of like a bridesmaid dress :wave:
Thats exactly what I thought, the bridesmaid or flower girl~
Ohhhh, the "Flower Girl" Halter ..... that's good!! Thanks, guys!!

TiffsLilChi: Not sure what you mean by a polo shirt... can you show me an example? I am always looking to make new stuff....

Wow I just love this dress! Its so darn pretty!! Would you be able to make in pink?
That is gorgeous! I just love the little rosettes. It really would be perfect for a wedding or a fancy afternoon tea.
oh my gosh, that is my fave yet!!!!!!!!! i too am waiting for chiwi to fully grow plus i have some ideas for what i want hers to look like ;)
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