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Q on Nail trimming...

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P-Nut needs her nails trimmed like every two weeks... it is getting expensive and she will not let me trim them (every time she sees me w/ the doggy clippers she runs like the wind)... I have heard some ladies talk about using a Dremel... has anyone had any success w/ this? Any suggestions would be great... THANKS :)
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Yup we use it and it works great. You don't need to worry about causing the nail to bleed because the heat of the dremel will not let it bleed. You can buy quiet ones so the noise won't bother them....I really like it and would recommend you buy one! Nail trimmings DO get really expensive after a while. :)
I guess Im lucky. The Groomer in town only charges me 3.00 to trim Sunnys nails.
Pupa "turned into beast" when we trimmed her nails :D
she loves people but she actually tried to bite the lady who was cutting her nails :shock:

By the way I went to the pet shop and asked for a nail cutter, the lady who works there asked if I know how, I said that I dont know really, so she offered to do it for free whenever I (pupa) need it 8)
such a nice lady :wink:
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