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Question about Barking or No Barking

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Hello Everyone,

I have a question for all the chi owners out there. My little chi is Little Bit she is 6 months old. Everyone tells us that she is odd because she doesn't bark. She will make noises when she plays with us but she does not bark at all. Now some people say that little dogs bark at anything. My mom used to have two toy poodles and they did bark at everything. I would like to get another chi in the near future but my husband is worried that it won't be like Little Bit. My husband was raised with no animals in the house. It took me about three years before he finaly agreed to letting me have a dog in the house. He has a lot of fun with Little Bit and he is happy that we have her. He is just worried that if we do get another chi it might be a chi that would bark at everything.

So my question is does your chi bark?
If your chi does bark is it only for certain reasons, such as someone is at the door or in the house that they don't know or for silly things like the wind blowing or the phone ringing?
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Tracy & Little Bit said:
Everyone tells us that she is odd because she doesn't bark.
:? has EVERYONE owned a chi before? Sorry, it just bugs me that people have this idea that Chis are vicious little barkers....and is not like that...your chi is perfectly normal...and just like you teach a kid not to yell you teach a chi not to bark...Stinky barks sometimes (police, firetruck sirens) but I can finger count the times he's done it and everytime he gets a firm NO!
Auggie Only barks when he hears something outside which is ok with me. After a couple of Good boy Quiet he stops :lol:
Gadget is a play barker.. but he only does it with me.... When I am playin with him he will bark, but it is more like he is talking to me. He'll kind of bar bar bark it is really cute. but he hasn't started barking at noises outside or firetrucks or anything like that... and he never barks when somebody knocks on the door.... :)
Poppy barks when someone comes to the door or when she hears something strange...but we try to shut her up with a calming NO and a stroke....but she has only recently started to do it. :)
Mine bark when they hear or see somebody outside....they are good guard dogs. :D
zoey is 9 mos old and she only recently started barking. and she only barks when she hears someone at the door- its 1 or 2 barks at most...
Mikey barks alot when someone comes to the door or he hears an odd noise or he sees a stranger. Other than that he is really quiet in the house.
My three will bark when someone comes to the door. They are very good watch dogs! :) But, they are not "yappers".

Sunny barks if he really wants something (atoy or to go out) but is otherwise quiet. Im not counting him seeing evil knomes on city corners (he hates fire hydrants).
zoey is 9 mos old and she only recently started barking. and she only barks when she hears someone at the door- its 1 or 2 barks at most...
Thats the way Echo is she only gives a couple of barks and then is quite. Even when she hears something in the house or strangers come over. She is only 5 months.

Scooby barks at Echo or when he wants something not if strangers come around though and he is 4 months.
the same for Pupa :D
she barks (more growls) when she hears something "strange" from the outside...
once she really scared us! we just moved into a new house, and one evening were lazing on the couch...and suddenly Pupa got up, run to the door, started growling in a very angry way! we looked through the peep-hole in the door - nobody! but she wouldnt stop growling! :evil: then we heard the slight noise outside, looked again - nothing! and then we finally opened the door and there was a cat digging in our garbage :D

sometimes Pupa also barks when a "happy" way :D it sounds kinda cute! :) since we are in the house it doesnt bother our neighbours :D but when you tell her to stop - she stops immediately
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