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Question about eating

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Well, I am happy to say that princess is basically litter trained. 9 times out of 10 she makes it to her box. I trained her watching her full time and always praising or giving treats everytime she went in the right place and always saying Go Potty so she'd know its potty time. But the past couple days I have noticed she hasnt taken as much interest in her food. She is still active, and does not seem sick at all I thought it could be treat overload (we are learning sit too) but the treats are small and probably only 5 or 6 a day so this morning I sat next to her tray and handed her the dry kibbles (Science Diet Small Bites) one by one and she ate them all. I dont want her to think she's going to be hand fed the rest of her life. Any one have similar situations or tips? :?:
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Gadget eats Science diet also. He wouldn't get down on the floor yesterday after Amanda stepped on him so I had to sit there in front of his dish with him on my lap and hand feed him to, but aftera few hours he was back to normal running around and playin on the floor..

I would try feedig her some out of your hand and work your hand with each piece of food till your hand is over her dish and then feed her a few more pieces while lowering your hand into the dish until she has her mouth in the dish and then see if when you take your hand out she will eat out of the dish.. I did this with Gadget when I was first feeding him hard food...

good luck :)
Only one that sounds crazy Try a different bowl or saucer. I love that 2nd pic. It is too cute :lol:
If she was eating ok out of the bowl before, there probably is no reason to change it.
You have to remember those treats are very high in calories. That's why they taste so good to them.
She might not be hungry. She has a pretty small tummy.
Give her a couple of days, cut back on the treats and cut them up to make them smaller.
I used to have to feed Sandy by hand because she wouldn't eat at all in the morning. This was when she was about 12 or 13 weeks old. She eventually started eating on her own.
I am almost embarrassed to say it, but Tucker is mostly hand fed. :oops:
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