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I'm just curious, how much fat is too much fat? I tried looking it up but I can't get an answer. My Chi is currently on a premade raw food (it's just meat, bone, and organs) and kibble. I wanted to feed the Lamb but the fat looks outrageously high. The protein level is 10.85% and the fat is 13.95% and the site says the dry matter amounts are 43.7% protein and 46.9% fat. Too Much? Or is that fine? The turkey and the chicken formulas are nowhere near this high.

Turkey: 15.50% protein 5.23% fat
Dry matter: 66.26% protein 20.5% fat

Chicken: 14.30% protein 5.70% fat
Dry matter: 65.85% protein 26.55% fat

Anyone know the ideal percentage of fat a dog should have in their diet?
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