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question about vaccines? confused

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Soo where I live it's the law to get your dog a rabies shot every three years and parvo and distemper are recommended yearly, though you don't have to. Well I've been getting my dogs parvo and distemper shot yearly BUT lately I've been hearing a lot that these vaccines last for 7 years?? :confused:

Anyone know if their is any facts behind this and if so a link to some facts about it would be great! How often do you guys give your dog these shots? Do you believe it truly lasts this long? Geez I'm so confused!
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Vaccination Schedule Recommendations For Dogs

That's a link to Dr Jean Dodd's Vaccine Protocol. She was the one who created the one that most vets use today; which state that vaccines need to be boostered annually. She has since RETRACTED that; and released this protocol saying that once vaccines have been administered as a puppy; and then once again after the age of 6 months, the dog has a LIFETIME IMMUNITY. All US vet schools are currently teaching this protocol. BUT, very few vet clinics/hospitals are following it yet. Why? Because they'd never make money if people only came in during the first year of their dogs life... it's shady really; as there are SO many ailments caused by overvaccinating and so many vets insist that it's perfectly fine, when it's not. =(

While Rabies is still a legal issue in most places; many vets are now offering a TITER (blood test to check levels of immunity) in lieu of the shot itself. So you can get an "exemption" and still register your dogs tags yearly. The fact that our current vet offers to do these tests is why we chose them. I refuse to have any of my dogs have another shot when I KNOW they are good for the rest of their lives.

ETA: Here's just another article by another vet on over-vaccinating you may find helpful.
The Truth About Dog Vaccinations - Dog Health Report - Dog Care - Dog Health Problems Solved!
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Rabies is required by law. Follow your local and state ordinances. If you can get an exemption by proving immunity with a titer, that's great. That is up to your vet.

Parvo and distemper are not required vaccinations. Yes, immunity is proven to last at LEAST 7 years and studies are pending for longer. This is true of the rabies vaccine as well.

I do titers. They prove that Brody has immunity to distemper/parvo and rabies. I will re-titer every 3 years. It's not a question of whether I believe vaccinations last at least 7 years and probably the lifetime of the dog. Studies PROVE they do. I will not vaccinate again. Vaccinosis is another search term you might use to find out more.

There are lots of posts and links here on the subject. You might research Dr. Dodds work and also Dr. Schultz in canine duration of immunity.
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