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question for Ilovekeiki

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Hey there. I was wondering where you got your first chi from. Because i was reading something you wrote and it sounded like something from my breeder and i see that youre also in Socal... so maybe its the same? :wave:
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i got both my babies from gizmo star chihuahuas @
Thats where I'm getting my baby from! small world. how much were yours?
475. their prices have gone up rediculously in the past few months i am so mad. I would be careful though because the last pup i got had coccidia and round worm and fleas and i am so pissed at them! Sorry i am having a bad morning... which one are you gettin? is it in the nursery or not up on the site yet?
Eek... was your first one good and healthy? I am getting the number 9 puppy on the bottom of the available page. I'm getting him August 6. I am so excited! did you go there to see him or did they bring him to you? just wondering. I'm waiting for updated pics of him though because those ones are a little old...
oh ok well that pup i am sure will be very healthy, i remember the night they were born i was talking to connie over email because i was getting my first chi the next morning. As long as the litters are from both of THEIR dogs then i would not worry what so ever. I bought my first pup from them and she was from their pups but the second was from one of their studs and a DIFFERENT female (not theirs) and they didnt raise my second pup. I just think they could have atleast gotten her a little cleaned up before they gave her to me. She was flea infested, and sick and dirty. I was sooooo angry with them because bella, my first pup, was absolutely PERFECT. So no worries on your boy and he is so cute. Also just a little insight, their moms and dads are not as small as they say they are. I saw harley, one of their new studs in person and there is no way he is 2 lbs like they say he is on the website. My bella is 2 1/2 lbs and much much smaller than him. When i first started looking at their website month and months ago they were selling their pups for 375 no matter their size, color or sex. So they have definately upped their prices...
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and where in so cal are you? if you dont mind me asking
can i know the website.. just to have a look?
I'm in Temecula. the website is Hmm. thats good to know :( Well Harley is the dad. and Stormy is the mom. Both theirs...
dont be discouraged though becaue harley still is small i mean he cant be more than 4 lbs, i just dont believe he is 2lbs cuz bella is so much smaller and she weighs more than 2lbs. Bella is gonna be big though, like 4 - 5 lbs even though they say her parents were 2.5 and 3 lbs which i know is total bull. but i havce to say bella is such a good looking girl, i cant believe how pretty she is. a lot of people say seh doesnt look like the average chi (in a good way). i would be very happy with your boy... he has good parents and has been raised in a loving home. only i wish they would keep their pups longer than 6 weeks cuz they really arent ready at that age.
yeah did you get yours at 6 weeks too?
yes both of them, i didnt know when i got bella that 6 weeks is too young. and when i got my second it was very spur of the moment. it happened over the course of a few hours because the girl who was originally getting her couldnt because of her dads failing health and she had to fly out of town or something. i didnt know how old she was until i actually had her in my arms (which is bad on my part). but i figured she was atleast 8 weeks cuz the other pups on their site at the time were 8 weeks or 12 weeks. but not her.
But they ended up alright? I'm nervous about them being young... did you do anything different?
they were just fine, no problems except the one being sick but that wasnt because she was young. so dont worry, maybe ask if they could keep her until she is 8 weeks?
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