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Question for those who give own shots.

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Ok Ive never done this I made an apt. with my vet for Nemos shots but I found out I can do them myself for alot cheaper. At the vets they were 70$$ I got the same shot myself for 3.60$$ :shock: wow I did it right but when I first did it it wasnt injecked into the skin like I had thought so a little (very small amount) leaked out on the skin . so what im wondering is since not all of the meds went in him almost but still not all will it affect anything? or is it all ok? Im worried about it. thanks
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cant really help . you will need to speak to your vet............ :wave:
I would never reccomend to someone to give their dog shots unless they have been shown how to do so by someone (your vet) who knows what they are doing. Chihuahuas are so small and you can really cause some damage to them if you give the shot incorectly. I dont give my dogs their shots so I dont know if they need the full injection for it to work or not, I would assume they would.
I would call your vet and ask him. If by a small amount you mean a drop or two I dont see why it would be a problem, but if you are talking about a 4th of the meds leaking out that might be a problem...I dont know.
Good luck.
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