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question from a buyer to all breeders

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do you get annoyed with us and our e-mails/calls checking on the puppy.... frequency of the calls/ e-mails are about every 2-3 weeks. and how long should i wait for the breeder to return a phone call. i'm getting anxious about picking my girl up and the last time i e-mailed the breeder she didn't get back to me (it wasn't an inquiry about when to pick her up just a how's she doing e-mail and to see if i could stop by and see her) when i called her after 2 days she said she just hasn't been on the internet (and that day i wanted to go there wasn't a good one it was the husbands and sons birthday) so i scheduled another visit but i had to e-mail her to cancel cause bonty got real sick and i couldn't leave him. in that e-mail (on saturday) i asked her when i could come pick her up cause we never talked about an actual pick up date (just said when i put the deposit she should be ready to go on march 19th) and i haven't heard from her so i called this morning.
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I never get tired of the e-mails from new owners I am happy about it. It shows me they are as much excited about gettting there new puppy as I am about the litter. A person who e-mails shows careness and that makes me happy if a new owner did not contact me a million times about there puppies I would be worried and prob not sale one of my puppies to that person.
I love hearing from the future owners. The lady I am buying Foxy from is probably so sick of me, I email her everyday LOL I think she has gotten annoyed because she is not emailing me back :? But Oh well let her get annoyed I PAID for it! In your case you are paying for it LOL. If she gets annoyed then she is not interested in where her pup is going. :(
If I sell a pup which is VERY rare I love to hear from future owners. It helps me get to know the person & lets me know that the pup is going to a caring home, which is very important :D
I also like to keep in touch throughout the pups life as I feel if you breed you should be responsible for re-homing in future if it ever becomes necessary - I would always have a Chi back to keep with me if it ever needed a new home for any reason.
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