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question? pooping on bed?

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Okay, to start there was a change in our routine and I had surgery 5 weeks ago. My mom came to help out and doesn't like dogs very well and wouldn't let Oscar in my daughter's room where she was staying. Well, the day she left Oscar pooped on the bed! It has happened now 4 times. We have kept her door closed as best as we can with children and he goes out every hour. At first I thought he did it because he didn't like my mom but is he now doing it because there might be her smell in there? Or he now smells his own business even washing with bleach? I'm at my wits end in trying to figure this out. He is/was housebroken until now and is 8 months old/intact but shows no signs of puberty if that makes sense unless this IS his sign? He doesn't hump anything or mark anything either.
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I know it's not funny... but it really is. :lol: :lol:

First, I hope you've recovered from your sugery and are doing well.

I don't know about the poop in the bed thing, although my sister's cat does it to her almost nightly. I will tell you that my maternal grandmother didn't really like our chi, Poco, when I was a kid and she came to stay with us for a few weeks one summer. Poco wasn't very fond of her either... mostly because she expected him to behave (he was an unruly chi) and he spent his time making her angry and running from her when she'd chase him with a broom.

One night, we were getting ready for dinner and Grandmom came down the stairs, holding her 2" heel (expensive & Italian) in her hand. She took it to my father and said "Look what your d*mn dog did to my shoe!!"

Seems Poco had decided to pee in Grandmom's shoe... he didn't spill a drop on the carpet, either.

Dad looked at my grandmother and said "Mrs. Martin, I've always heard that old expression 'he doesn't have enough sense to poor p-iss out of a boot'... but you're the first one that ever demonstrated it for me."

I know this doesn't help you much... but at least you get the comfort of knowing it could be a lot worse. LOL
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First of all bleach will not remove the dogs scent. You need Natures Miracle........since the bed has been washed you will have to wash it with Natures Miracle in the load (just pour it in)
Both my dogs went thru stages of pooping on my bed :twisted: YOU MUST CATCH them & give them a time out...........if you dont catch them or make the room totally inacessible to him then you may always have this problem.....

Hope this helps, I know how gross that is....mine went thru a pee stage too on the bed!
Buster has pooped on my bed and also my daughters bed!!! :x :x
Dad looked at my grandmother and said "Mrs. Martin, I've always heard that old expression 'he doesn't have enough sense to poor p-iss out of a boot'... but you're the first one that ever demonstrated it for me."

i am going through the same problem with my female chi chloe. she was spayed recently and i was having her sleep in her kennel and she wasnt allowed on my bed (which she was used to) at all because of the whole jumping thing. well after the first week or week and a half i had to start leaving her home alone again for a few hours until my boyfriend came home and every single night she had peed or pooped or both on my bed. so even though her suture was pretty much healed i was banning her from my bed at night bc i thought shed go to the bathroom on it. after more than week of every night coming home to dirty sheets my boyfriend suggested that maybe she was mad that i wasnt letting her on my bed to sleep with me anymore so i started doing that but she kept peeing when i wasnt home. she neevr does it in front of me so i went out and got an x-pen (plastic from petsmart) for her and ended up not even using it for that. i put all the pieces spread out on the bed and she doesnt get on it (its not comfortable lieing down on those plastic pieces) anymore. so that pretty much fixed the problem for me. good luck! i know how frustrating that can be
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Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your replies! I was thinking of Nature's Miracle I just couldn't remember the name Thank you! I really like the story about the shoe. I'm doing well from the surgery just not getting out much. I don't have the patience to take the children out shopping yet so I'm just waiting for school to start. For now I stripped the bedding and actually switched beds between her and my older son thinking since Oscar now sleeps with him lately it might be better.
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