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Does anyone else have this happen with their baby ? Frequently when Auggies goes poop he howls or screams like he is being killed. It just Breaks my heart. :( I don't think there is anything wrong with his diet. He mainly gets puppy kibbles , some mixed with wet , and he gets some plain baked chicken cut into tiny cubes occasionly mixed with rice. He has a tendency to try to eat a lot of stuff he shouldn't when outdoors like leaves, sticks, wood chips and I try to stop him as much as possible. He is quite regular but he just screams sometimes when he goes. Does this happen to anybody else?? :roll:
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No and I think that would cause me to make an appointment with my vet.
That is not normal. He is obviously in pain and shouldn't be.
Please call your vet about this.
We want your baby to be healthy.
Could be maybe he just needs his anal gland emptied or it could be something worse.
I would definately call your vet up and see what he/she thinks. It could be something as simple as not drinking enough water causing pain from very hard poop, but it also could be some other things. Let us know what the vet says.
CALL THE VET!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make sure it's OK.
After Tucker recovered from Parvo, which symptoms included diahrrea, this happened to him. The vet said that it was because his rectum was sore from having had the loose stools with the Parvo. I also find that if Tucker can't get his poop to fall off as fast as he wants it to, he will start to run off the paper and holler till the poop drops off. (This doesn't happen very often). At least call the vet's office and see what they recommend. :)
My Eskie (Andrew) had gotten a hold of some socks and chewed them up, when he went poop he yelped and ran around dropping poop as he went, and we found that he had strings in his bowels.

I would let you vet know what has been going on and see what they say.
I would think it might be something he got ahold of.

I hope that he is ok, my prayers are with you both.
yes take him to the vet...................asap this has never happened with my 2 either, good luck :)
That has to be very upsetting for you and Auggies :( . Please take him to the Vet. and please let us know how he is doing. Hope he feels better soon
Thanks everyone. I am so over the moon about my baby and such a softie I may have made it sound worse than it is. I did ask the vet on his last visit and he did check and didn't find anything wrong. It doesn't happen very often and he does yowl and then take off running until the poop falls off just like someone else said. My husband thinks I worry too much. I just thought it might be diet related if anyone else had the problem. He doesn't I don't think drink enough water and someone mentioned that could be a problem. One time when it happened I was glad to hear him howl because I knew he had eaten a rock so fast I couldn't get it away and was scared to death he would not pass it. I was watching him like a hawk for any sign he needed to go to the vet over that. Anyway I didn't mean to be an alarmist and am glad for the info.
I think you stated that you feed him dry, are his stools quite dry and hard as when we first ahd lily she hadnt been fed a proper diet and her stools were quite hard for her too pass, also try sticking to wet food for a while as they absorb alot of moisture from this , alos try a little milk if he doesnrt like water :)
Glad to hear that its not that serious. Like you said it could very well be his diet. Thats funny that he likes rocks. Kiwi loves rocks. My walk way has a lot of small pebbles and kiwi loves to carry them all over the yard. One of my friends came over one day and broke a nail and kiwi ate it :tongue8: in the same day she also ate a piece of pepperoni wrapper is was so scary I kept taking her outside to she if she would pass it and she finally did. I was very worried. I am trying to teach her to drop foreign objects, but its hard because she just runs from me. Hope Auggies Feels better soon. :blob2:

:wave:Oh my goodness! Iam happy to hear he is oK! That is scary. I guess I wouldn't worry so much unless it happens like almost everytime he goes poo-pooh. :)
I am trying to teach Auggie to leave and drop too. It's not working so well either because he thinks it's a fun game. :( The horrible thing about the day he ate the rock was I had been watching Animal Planet that morning and they had a thing on emeg vets about a dog that ate a rock and it got stuck in his intestines so I was petrified. This is so bizarre you will think I am making it up but it's true. The next day we were on our boat and The people next to us have a cheasapeke retriever puppy. When I told him about being worried about Auggie he told me Nemo ( their puppy ) had eaten a rock and Chris (his wife ) was so worried she wanted take him to the vet but Andy said don't worry he will pass it. So he poops at the marina and Chris being a good neighbor picks it up and ask Andy if she could flush it down the head on the boat. He says sure. Can you see where this is going. So the head stops up and Andy takes it apart and finds it stopped up because there is a rock in it. We have had to do that to our head too and believe me it is not fun. :lol:
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When you say "leave and drop", do you mean you're teaching him if he puts something in his mouth, you want him to drop it? If so, I taught Zeus to "drop it" and he'll drop what's in his mouth. We're still working on it, but the way I trained him was/is I would say "Drop it, Zeus" (he's notorius for getting my daughter's stuffed animals) and I would show him I had a treat in my hand (tiny pieces of cheese or a beef stick). He'd get so excited about the treat, he'd drop it. Over time, I can say "Drop it, Zeus" and he drops and looks in my hand.
Good Idea. Because I am trying to teach Kiwi To drop it because she picks up everything. Thanks for the Idea I'll have to try that.
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