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I do not plan on showing my dogs but I do have a question regarding registration.

Tyler is registered UKC - United Kennel Club and Penelope is registered AKC.

I was wondering what the difference was.

I know Tyler's great grandma was originally registered as AKC but they downgraded her registration to UKC for breeding purposes as Tyler's great grandfather was UKC registered.

We have been told that we could up Tyler's registration to AKC because we have 5 generations of his family history. Is there any real reason to do this?

I do not plan on PP and Tyler having any more puppy's one oops litter was enough :( Not by my choosing. I explained this more in another thread.

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If you aren't going to show your dog, then there's really no reason to have AKC papers. But to answer your question .....

(From AKC's website)

For a dog with papers from a non-AKC accepted domestic registry

AKC has a new program where we are researching pedigrees of dogs that do not have AKC paperwork to determine if the dog comes from AKC registrable stock.

In order to determine AKC registration eligibility, you will need to send AKC a copy of your dog’s pedigree, registration application and/or registration certificate from another registry. You can also submit documentation provided by the breeder such as a contract or bill of sale. The dog may qualify for registration if the pedigree shows no break in AKC lineage and the dogs in the pedigree originate from AKC registrable stock.

Should the dog be deemed registrable, AKC staff will register the dog in question for $30. All late fees will be waived.

When you submit your paperwork, please include your name and phone number. You can submit the paperwork in one of three ways:

1.Fax the information to 919-816-4232. Mark it attn: Registry Research.
2.Email images to [email protected]. Place Registry Research in the subject line
3.Mail to:
AKC Registry Research
Attn: Special Services
8051 Arco Corporate Drive Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617
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