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Re: Thank you!

KTB1983 said:
Thanks everyone! You've given me some great imput. I'm a huge dog person and probably a year ago I wouldn't have thought about it this much and just ran out and got one. But I'm trying to be responsible for both my family and the puppy!

The whole sanitary thing is a good issue. We were thinking of getting one of those small igloo houses with a hole in it just big enough for the chi and putting the puppy pads in there.

We found an awesome breeder. At first, I wanted her little white teacup puppy, but after I researched, I figured out that wouldn't be the right dog for our family. She has this very light carmel colored little girl with big blue eyes that stood out from the rest of the litter. She wagged her tail at us, licked our faces, and played like a puppy. The rest of them seemed a little scared! So I think that if we decide to get one, that this will be the one we'll get. She seems to fit well in our little fam.

Well, we decide tomorrow! So I'll keep you posted!

You sound really responsible and sound like you offer a great home. Your choice of waiting and researching is seriously sensible BUT
to be a proper respected chi lover/owner you must know that there is NO SUCH THING AS TEACUP CHIHUAHUAS! Im sure you have not been informed of this so please refrain from using or beleiving in these words. The only types of chis you can get is LONG/SMOOTH coated. There are seriously sad reasons behind using the word teacup - ONLY BAD BREEDERS USE IT!
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