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1. what is a good age to bring home a chi puppy?

between 10-12 weeks, some breeders like to keep the real small ones until 15 weeks....

2. what kind of food do you feed your chi?

i feed royal canin mini puppy and science diet prescription a/d

3. does anyone use nutri-cal for their chi? how often should they get a dose and until what age do you give it?

i was using it when chiwi wasn't eating but now that i found something she likes (her royal canin and a/d mixed) i give that about 2-3 times during the day (little meals) to keep her sugar level...i don't need the nutri-cal anymore.

4. how often do you feed a chi puppy?(how many times a day)

chiwi eats her dry food in the morning, sometimes.... then a few hours later i give her a/d mixed with her dry, then a few hours later same, same again a few more hours later then at night (around 10ish) she eats a nice helping of her dry...

5. did anyone litter box train?

no i use wee wee pads....
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