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1. what is a good age to bring home a chi puppy?
2. what kind of food do you feed your chi?
3. does anyone use nutri-cal for their chi? how often should they get a dose and until what age do you give it?
4. how often do you feed a chi puppy?(how many times a day)
5. did anyone litter box train?

1 = between 10 - 12 weeks is the ideal age

2 = i feed Butchers wet and pedigree dry, but this is all to do with your budget and what suits you and your dog , it will already have a food the breeder will be feeding it which you may have to take into consideration.

3 = I dont use nutri cal as my chis have been a good size 6 and 7 pounds fully grown , it really depends on the weight of your baby and also if the breeder hasnt been using it and its been fine you should have no worries

4 = under 12 weeks - 4 times a day , 12 weeks to 6 months - 3 times a day and over 6 months twice a day ( I fed twice a day now they are full grown wet on a morning and a evening and I leave a bowl of dry down at all times in case they get hungry)

5 = I use puppy pads which I found great - again see what the breeder has been using .

good luck and I reccomend getting a book called "chihuahuas for dummies its full of all this sort of info :wave:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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