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Questions about Royal Canin

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It is time now to switch Harley's food. I am pretty sure this is the brand I want to use. I just have a few questions. For those of you who use it, do you use the chihuahua breed royal canin or the small dog royal canin? Why did you choose one over the other? Do you feel it's a really good brand? Any input would be much appreciated! :)

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i think most use the chihuahua formula because it is formulated specifically for chis. it has things in there that cater to the breed, for example, l-carnitine for their hearts and other things that help with common problems in the breed. my chi is still on puppy food, but in a few weeks i will switch her to royal canin. i think most people will agree it is a good food and a lot of people on here use it.
Although, my chi is not home yet, I have alked to many people and they all reccomend Royal Canine Chihuahua when she turns 8 months old. There is nothing else on the market that is going to give your chi more nutrients and no other formula that is breed specific. I think Royal Canine Chihuahua would be your best bet! :D
I buy the Royal Canin Chihuahua because it is formulated especially for this breed. :)
it has extra stuff in it for their hearts, teeth and joints. i'm waiting for one of the dr.'s that work for them (used to be for IVD but they were bought by royal Canin) to get back to me with info, but he's on vacation this week i think... i'll harass him next week if i don't hear from him :)
small bread is for the dogs that RC does not have a specific formula for...since RC has a chi foruma we all use that....its just better for chis
I just switched over to RC today, and Seiah seems to really love it. I got him the puppy one for now because the one specifically for Chihuahuas is for Chi's 8months and up. RC compared to the other brand I used seems to be a little softer, and a lot smaller so its easier for him to eat. Hope that helped :wink:
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