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QUESTIONS !!!so many questions !! lol

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Hi everyone,
i would have posted this in the breeding section, but i have insufficient post to do so, :(
ok... first id like to say that this is a something that i'm don't take lightly and that i've put a lot of thought into, i have questions and i would also like any POSITIVE suggestions you may have :)
I was thinking of mating my little 2 year old male, Quatchi, i originally wanted to have a live-in gf, but because of a full house right now we are opting for someone else's little girl.
ok ...
first of all, my little boy humps his elephant teddy bear like a mad man and will some days go after it for hours on end, is it for sure that he will take to the female ?
the female is at the end of her heat, does this mean that it would be more difficult for her to conceive ?
i know that chihuahua size matters, the woman said it wouldn't matter, but my little Quatchi is a tad bigger then she is, and to my understanding the male should be at least 1 pound less then the female, could this injure her little female ?
and and last but not least, this would be my first time so i have no idea how payment works, she offered me an engagement ring in trade, would payment come only after the pregnancy is confirmed or right after the deed is being done ?
thank you so much for the taking the time to read this,

if anyone have any stories to share, i would love to read them.
thank you
:) :) :)
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This is how much I know
The female dog is ready for mating usually between the 9th and 14th days from the onset of the heat period. Conception has its best chance between the 11th and 14th days (this is all after the discharge from the female vulva is finished)
The stud fee is a fee the owner of a female dog pays to the owner of the male dog for a 'tie'.
They tend to leave the female dog when she is on heat with the stud owner for a couple of days.
Normally they attempt the mating twice and if they do not take, then the stud services are provided in the next season for a free mating. But that is as far as it goes, it doesn't matter if she conceives or not.
Usually the stud fees for an 'unproven' male is much lower than that of a 'proven' male who has already helped produce puppies.
Sometimes payment for stud services is substituted for a puppy, usually a "pick-of-the-litter" but I haven't heard of a ring being used as a payment... that is odd
The other thing is that 'breeding' should be used to help improve the chihuahua breed and to ideally produce good healthy pups that are close to the standard rather than just for money.
I also agree with others here that she must be able to afford taking care of the pups so she needs to think about costs. A lot of chihuahuas need c-sections which cost quite a bit and I should have thought that if she has bigger pups it would increase the risk of her not being able to give birth naturally without harm.
hope this helps
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