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QUESTIONS !!!so many questions !! lol

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Hi everyone,
i would have posted this in the breeding section, but i have insufficient post to do so, :(
ok... first id like to say that this is a something that i'm don't take lightly and that i've put a lot of thought into, i have questions and i would also like any POSITIVE suggestions you may have :)
I was thinking of mating my little 2 year old male, Quatchi, i originally wanted to have a live-in gf, but because of a full house right now we are opting for someone else's little girl.
ok ...
first of all, my little boy humps his elephant teddy bear like a mad man and will some days go after it for hours on end, is it for sure that he will take to the female ?
the female is at the end of her heat, does this mean that it would be more difficult for her to conceive ?
i know that chihuahua size matters, the woman said it wouldn't matter, but my little Quatchi is a tad bigger then she is, and to my understanding the male should be at least 1 pound less then the female, could this injure her little female ?
and and last but not least, this would be my first time so i have no idea how payment works, she offered me an engagement ring in trade, would payment come only after the pregnancy is confirmed or right after the deed is being done ?
thank you so much for the taking the time to read this,

if anyone have any stories to share, i would love to read them.
thank you
:) :) :)
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lol, i should have been more specific.. lol, we agreed on that cause that value was huge and she already had 2 ads selling 2 different pieces.
Or she said i could wait for cash in March.... but i thnk that that is the part where it has me confused.

i would post the email she sent, but it is in french. :S
im starting to realize you might be right....
thank you for your thoughts.
it sucks that it isnt turning out to be the fairtale i thought it might be. And my little Quatchi is my world, i guess thats what makes it hard imagine other people dont feel the same way i do about there little babies
i appreciate your opinion, and i definitely agree with you but it had nothing to do with with the lack of funds on her part, i chose the ring over the cash,( i am shopping for one and have been raising money towards one, so it was almost a sign) but that if i wanted cash to wait till march for the cash. (everyone i know in Quebec is on a budget, including me, but never ever does my dogs needs go unmet)
i agree i might have made her sounds shady, but i think i didnt portrait well, either way, i am already reconsidering it, and leaning towards waiting to have my own baby girl....
but what i do want to know is does payment normally come after pregnancy if confirmed or after the deed is done... for future reference.
i think you are right, i dont know for sure that she would be as good a 'mom' i know i can be. ive had Quatchi since he is 8 weeks old and knew him while he was still in his bioligical mama's belly :) i would love to go through that experience again too.
Now i guess the only thing left to do is convince my hubby ;) i think he might think its too much for 2 dogs (the other is a big Labernese) and two cats (trying to find homes as we speak, they are rescues) for a 2 bedroom apartment... (4.1/2) maybe once the cats find there new forever home it might be possible.... :)

thank you for the advise everyone, any further advice is still welcome. im still curious as to what the 'Standard' procedure is between pet owners for mating.
Thank you everyone for the advice
since my last post i have reconsidered and told the woman it was a horrible idea,
I will wait to breed when i get my own female,
i appreciate what you say about the breed and breeding and i 100% AGREE. i know that my male comes from amazing genes and i wouldn't want any less for his puppies.
and i want to make sure that the situation will be ideal and that the pups will be taken care way, which i cant guarantee with an outside mama.
guess i was a little blinding at the thought that engagement ring fundraising had come to an end, ah well... i guess im back to save up... lol.
yes i have had him evaluated, i dont have the paperwork but the vet said it was the most '' show quality'' chihuahua he had seen in the longest of times. so im guessing that that is a good start
i was looking for information and i got everything i was looking for ....
i cant think you enough, i did research and i got info but i was...i guess you can say the truth in a blunt way :)
thank you Brodysmom, the flow chart and links were awesome too, i appreciate the time you took to write all that out.
and he weighs 4.5 lbs. I knew both his parents and both of them were bought in mexico. Both in excellent health and getting getting elderly now.. :)
Thank you for posting, and like i wrote in previous post, i have decided NOT TO BREED, i had asked a question before i made a decision and yaa..... anyway..

im actually sort of regretful of post here because i am now feeling judged.

.... i will get my dog's bloodwork and stuff like that for my personal knowledge ...
thanks again for the info

p.s. that vet i was talking about IS a reputable chihuahua breeder and has been for the last 40 years... .
Thanks everyone.

breedng is a touchy subject no matter what animal it is, doesnt matter if it is a mammal or not, breeding is not knew to me, i breed inverts (tarantulas and stuff, and you may say that is not the same thing but there genus and species are extremely important, which means only PERFECT specimens of the are supposed to be bred) my risk there is expensive, rare specimens being eaten by females
and i sorta knew i was gonna get people all psycho by asking, and i dont blame them, i just wish i would have had the respect of an objective opinions,

and bordysmom, yours was perfect, you got me with the line that if im not prepared for my mama's boy to change... that was it. and that was the beginning. truth is i dont want him to. thank you so much for writing the info and the get to my heart parts.

and i also feel the need to say that for me it will never be for the money, he is my everything, to me he is a gift from God, he came into my life when i needed it most.

oh and one last thing, just for fun facts, if i was going to buy a female, i would have done the research, met several people and made sure that she would have been the best she could be for him, i got HIM for a reputable breeder and i would have gotten a female from one also. I am not stupid and incompetent just because i asked a question on the subject.

i still regret having started this post though.

all that being said, im happy i changed my mind, i pretty much dreamt about it all night, and i really appreciate the info i did receive. sincerely, thank you

and thank you again Michele :)
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