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Patterns have become VERY expensive - but if you watch for sales on patterns, you can get them reasonably. I usually get mine at Joann Fabrics when they have them on sale for $1.99 - sometimes 2/$5.00. No way am I paying $10. to $15. for a pattern.

Also, I try to buy patterns with several different styles in one envelope, or a basic pattern that I can change up by adding ruffles, trims, etc. Once you've learned how to sew, there are lots of ways to change up a pattern.

I buy most of my fabric off the sale rack too. Walmart usually has a table with lots of bolts of fabric for $1.00 a yard. Just be sure to read the labels for fabric content. As long as it's cotton, or polyster and cotton, it's fine. I try to stay away for the rayons though - they don't wash very well.
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