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Quick question

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Ok. so Felony is doing really good after her surgery she goes to the vet on Tuesday to get the stitches removed. I was just wondering, she broke her thigh bone and had a pin put in to hold it together well when she walks she kinda lets her leg go side ways and I was wondering if anyone knew if that was normal. My other question is everytime I step out of my room which is where she is sectioned off to because of the surgery she crys and crys does anyone have this problem or know how to help solve it?
Thanx Melissa
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that sounds strange to me... but I would ask your vet... Glad to hear she is doing better..

yes the crying is normal because she can't follow you... she wants to be with her mommy..
Gadget does that If I go outside andleave him in the house...

If I go into the bathroom and close the door he will go to the door lye down and look under the door and whine untill someone opens the door and lets him in the bathroom with me..
I'm sorry I can't answer your questions.

But, Felony??!!

WOW what a name. I love that. It has a pretty sound. It could be a boy or a girl. And, it so perfectly describes puppies. They're all cute, but they are also crimes looking for a place to happen. By crimes I mean - paper shredding, shoe eating, food stealing etc...

I just love it!
yeah :D i like the name too!!

i would definitely ask your vet about her strange walk !!

kisses nat
I am so sorry for your baby and sorry that I don't have any advice.

Hmmm.. I think the damage Chi's are more like "misdemeanors" than "felonies", but I still love the name.

Martina and The Boyz

(who are constantly aiding and abetting each other in some mischief)
Thanx everyone she walks normal its kind of hard to explain it might just be uncomfortable for her she only got the surgery a week ago. But I'm gonna ask him anyway. She got her name because she is always stealing things especially from the other dogs, like if their chewing a bone and get up to do somethhing she takes it a runs. So I figured since she kept robbing them that Felony would be cute and she's been living up to it ever since ( of course!) Well thanks again I'm sure I'm just being to worried about her as I always am I call from school just to make sure she's doing good so its probley just me.

the legs prolly just sore and shes favoring it in the best way she can as for the crying...
well vixie is the BEST at that. if i go downstairs or outside or out of her sight in any way shape or form and she cant get to me she doesnt cry she Screams..., i dont understnad why there called yappy dogs cause vixie doesnt yap she has a real bark (its cute though) and he growl is kind of a gurgle than anythign else and he whole body shakes, but wow the crying, she throws a royal fit. anyone would think she was being killed lol. if she cant see me but can hear me its not so bad she just kind of whimpers and pouts like if im in the bathrrom and ignore her, screaming fit, but if i close the door but still talk to her she just kind of whines... but if im in the shower forget it, i now leave the curtain open enough for her to put her feet on the edge of the tub (its one of those real low ones only bout 7 inches deep) and everyso often shell come make sure i havent been eaten by the drain or melted by running water...
the breed realy does love their people, the only place she doesnt make a real fuss if i leave her alone is my bedroom, thats when she climbs on the bed after i leave and goes sleep...not a sound form her in there...
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Hi there! There are a couple reasons why Felony may be walking a little funny on that side, but your vet is the best person to ask. From what you've said, it sounds like she broke her femur, and on a small dog, normally we'd use either a pin from the stifle to the femoral head (through the entire femur) or a lateral pin if the fracture is really clean and k-wire to hold it together and a splint. If the pin is the former type, the funny gait you're seeing is due to the pin holding her upper leg at a funny angle, it's probably uncomfortable, but she probably has no choice as to how she walks, as it is dictated by the pin placement, when the pin is removed, things should go back to normal. If the pin type is the second, its possible it's just sore, or worse case scenario, the bone fragments didn't fuse exactly together, which sometimes with bad fractures is unavoidable. Your vet will probably want to do follow up x-rays so at that time he/she can determine what's causing the walking issue. Hopefully everything structurally checks out and it's just a pain issue!

Good luck!
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Thanx so much Nate!! It's a lateral pin I'm pretty sure, and she's gettin' the stitches out on tuesday! I think it is just the pin causeing her to walk like that because she doesn't even seem to notice, and boy do they grow fast! I got her at 8 weeks she probley about 10 now and I can already she that she grown! As soo as I get my camera fixed I'll post some pics, she is definently going to be a pretty girl!
Thank you again, it put my heart at ease to hear tthat you guys knew what I was talking about!
SwEet_WiSHes said:
I'm sure I'm just being to worried about her as I always am I call from school just to make sure she's doing good so its probley just me.

You're just being a good mommy. :)

I'm so sorry Felony has had to go through this but glad she's healing so nicely. These chi's do love their people, don't they. It's one of their more endearing qualities. :)
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