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We've both been good, things just have been busy. I'm working at the nature section at a day camp and three times a week, at evening hours I work at an athletic club. Although it sounds like alot, I think they are some of the best jobs a seventeen year old could ask for, LOL. :D Ok, so onto Harley. He is doing great! We just got back from his yearly check up and he weighs 3.12 pounds. I can't believe he's a little over a year old. It feels like just yesterday when I brought him home. He had one of the vaccinations he was due for and was a good little boy. I always feel so bad when he has to get the shots, but I know it is for his own good. He also has two baby teeth that never fell out that have to be pulled. :( He still is a spitfire to his big sisters, Dakota and Savannah. I must say though, now he definately knows the ropes with all of the daily routines. :)

Hope everyone has been doing well. I really have to try posting more! :wave:

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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