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Rabies vac today

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Well I tried to convince my vet that I needed to wait another two weeks for Yoshis Rabies vaccine because it has only been two weeks since his last set of vaccines, I had hoped to give 30 days between shots. The vet wouldnt go for it. He said that our area by law requires them to have their rabies shot by 16 weeks and he will be 17 wks Saturday.

When would he have a reaction if he were going to. It is 3:30 pm now and he had his shot about 10 am? What are some signs of a reaction?
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You really won't be able to tell because after the shot, he'll be lethargic and tired... I'd say if he doesn't perk up a little by bedtime and if he's not back to 90% "normal" tomorrow morning, then call the doctor.

Call the doc if he vomits or anything like that though. But he'll be sleepy for a while... at least 4-5 hours.

I hope he perks up soon!! Poor little guy!!!
Actually he has been wide open since his vac? He hasnt acted sleepy or lethargic at all. Just usual old Yoshi? Is this normal?
ROFL... yeah, it's okay! Be relieved! LOL I'd keep an eye on him though; especially if he's not acting himself in the morning.

Cooper always gets a little sleepy after his vaccinations but he perks right up after an hour or so.
None of mine have had a reaction yet either so be happy, sounds like Yoshi is fine.

But this vet you use, like where does he get off with his attitude. I am sorry but this is my pet peeve. I like my vet to talk with me about their opinions but do not force it down my throat. I am sorry but some get me hot about this.

If it had been me and I wanted to wait, then we would have because I would have left and he would not have given my dog a shot. I had a vet who thought HE was god, you know like most of the female drs.

He proceeded to tell me that I was wrong, that what I had done was the wrong thing. I'm not stupid and I can read about dogs and ways to treat them and I know when one is getting better and not worse and if I had listened to him, I would be one less baby. I tried to tell him that he was alot better and that I had read this and had also had dogs for all of my life. He told me that he was glad I was a vet now but I really needed to listen. Yea, you guessed it< I said dito buster and picked up my dog and left his office and that was 7 years ago. I will go ten miles out of my way to see my new vet because they listen and do not make you feel stupid so that tells me they care not only for my animals but me as well.

Just my opinion.
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I have had several different vets in my area with different breeds tell me did I read things over the internet and then roll their eyes like I was so stupid for believing everything I read
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