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Rabies vaccine

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I guess this is kinda a poll question? I would like everyones input: In your area at what age do you have to have your puppys first Rabies vaccination??

Ours is 4 months - when all other vaccines are completed. Just seems really early. I know some places require it by 6 months?
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UK doesnt have to have it unless going out of Uk and back in again, except going to Ireland.
Pups here in Louisiana get their Rabies vaccination at 4 months with the last of the puppy shots. I am not sure what the law is on the age that they must have the first Rabies vaccination, but I do know that the law here requires annual vaccination against Rabies for dogs and cats.
Cooper's annual is this month or next month, so that would be 9 months of age for his rabies, which I know can't be true.

I'm sure it was probably around 4-5 months. But that wouldn't explain why his annual is coming up. :scratch: I gotta call the vet on Monday.
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